The Need for Construction Site Security Guards

construction site security guard

When it comes to places that need the protection of security guards, many people do not think of construction sites. However, because these sites often contain very expensive equipment and also have numerous hazards across the area, security guards play a vital role in keeping everyone and everything safe. Considered a very difficult assignment even if the site is small, more and more construction companies are realizing it’s a smart investment to have trained construction site security guards watching their site 24/7. To learn more about why security guards are needed at these sites, here are some reasons to have guards on duty at all times.

Benefits of Construction Site Security Guards

  • Deterred Trespassers – While in years past many construction sites simply posted “No Trespassing” signs and assumed that would be enough of a deterrent, today’s construction companies realize they need far more than a sign to keep vandals and criminals away. Even though some companies object to having security guards on their site around the clock due to the high cost of security that may result, it’s far less expensive than showing up for work one morning and finding a multi-million dollar piece of equipment missing. By having qualified personnel on-site at all times, construction sites can remain much safer.
  • Site Safety – At any construction site, safety is always a top priority. By doing everything possible to keep workers, visitors, and others safe, having security guards at the site can be well worth the money. Not only can guards administer first aid and CPR if needed, but they can also help keep the site safe by restricting who has access. In establishing a security checkpoint, not only can employees who need into the site be identified, but visitors as well. And as anyone knows, with the rash of work-related shootings and other violent incidents taking place in today’s society, a security checkpoint can be the last line of defense in keeping a violent individual from inflicting harm on innocent people.
  • Protection of Equipment – As stated earlier, while it may cost a company more than it would care to spend on round-the-clock security, the amount spent on security is always going to be much less than having to replace expensive construction equipment that has been stolen. With theft being one of the biggest concerns at any construction site, having well-trained security guards on duty can keep everything from hand tools to large cranes protected from thieves. And along with equipment, many thieves have also started to break into construction sites to steal scrap metal and other materials, which are considered very valuable as well. In cases where there is no armed or unarmed security guard on duty, breaking into a site becomes an easy task for most thieves who are determined to come away with a big haul. So rather than simply put a lock on a gate and hope for the best, many construction companies choose to have guards on duty to protect their equipment and materials.
  • Prevention of  Injury Claims As crazy as it may sound, one of the most important reasons construction companies have security guards on-site at all times is to prevent injury claims from those attempting to break in. Even though the criminals who are trespassing are technically in violation of the law, they can still file personal injury lawsuits against a construction company if they are injured while committing a crime. This is due to loopholes in many personal injury laws, allowing a person injured on a construction site to file a lawsuit even if they have violated trespassing laws. In many of these situations, a trespasser who is injured during a break-in will claim the construction company did not use a reasonable duty of care to keep them out of the site, resulting in them becoming injured. Thus, many construction companies now view having security guards on-site at all times as an investment in their financial future, since the price of 24/7 security is far less than any money that would be paid out in a settlement or jury verdict in a trial.
  • Enforcement of Compliance Standards – At a construction site, there are numerous rules and regulations with which employees and visitors must comply. Whether it’s wearing hard hats and other safety equipment or working with construction supervisors to ensure only those who need access to the site are allowed in, security guards spend a great deal of their time making sure everyone at the site is abiding by the rules. By doing so, they are not only helping people stay safe, but also protecting the company from potential legal situations.

Whether it’s acting as a deterrent against trespassers, keeping valuable equipment from being stolen, or assisting those who may get injured on the job, it’s clear having construction site security guards can pay numerous dividends for everyone involved. If you are interested in becoming trained as a security guard, visit our Security Classes page to find training in your state or area.

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