The Most Common Types of Security Guards

types of security guards

In every job a security guard is employed, whether that be for a corporation or an individual, they are a private security guard and not a public peace officer even though they also deal with the public.

Security guards are needed in almost all venues from malls and banks to warehouses and museums. There are armed security guards who take on more risk and a more hands-on approach in their positions and unarmed guards whose functions are strictly of the observe and report approach.

There are plainclothes security and uniformed security, and a security guard’s duties will depend on the needs of the client for whom his security company serves or the nature of the position he holds.

A security guard will perform many duties within the scope of his job but the main functions of a security guard are to: observe, deter, detect, monitor, prevent, and report. Security guards patrol, are positioned at stationary places, are expected to circulate amongst visitors and crowds and depending on the nature of their position, apprehend or evict.

To be a security guard you will need vigilance and attention to detail. The position of security guard also requires a knowledge of customer service. Today’s business model requires customer service skills from every type of employee and even as a security guard, customer service will be approximately 90 percent of your job.

A security guard will be moving and walking for almost their entire day and their work can sometimes be physical in nature such as climbing numerous stairs or standing on one spot for a lengthy period or walking long distances. They may be required to assist with packages or in moving large objects on a regular basis.

The responsibilities and duties of security guards can change from employer to employer and even from one position to another within the same company.

The following are some of the most common types of security guard positions:

  • Contract Security GuardsSecurity guards who work this type of security are employed by private security companies who are hired by a client. The private security company provides the client contract security guards who follow the desires of the client as written in the contract and it is up to the private security company to fulfill that contract.
  • Residential Security GuardsResidential security guards provide security for private residences and endure the security of both property and persons in residence at the property. They may also act as access control and are hired by such entities as apartment rental agencies, nursing homes or housing authorities.
  • Personal Security GuardsPersonal security guards give security to individuals. These types of security guards are usually highly trained and armed during the course of their duties. They could protect bank managers or corporate executives, even celebrities and may be in uniform or in plainclothes.
  • In-House/Proprietary Security GuardsThese security guards are hired directly by companies and businesses and not contracted through an outside private company. They are paid directly through the company that hired them and are like all other employees within the company with the same rules and benefits.
  • Government Contracted Security GuardsThese security guards are contracted by the US government highly trained and armed which is contracted by Homeland Security. They may work in government buildings such as jails or courthouses. They can be both armed and unarmed and may have a greater scope of authority.

Whichever type of security guard you are, the basic qualities expected of those who hold these positions are the same. Security guards are highly visible and usually the first points of contact for visitors, guests, and officials. Here are the top ten qualities security guards have that make them highly sought after employees:

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Vigilance
  • Common Sense
  • Thrives in Diverse Situations
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Team Player
  • Flexible and Versatile
  • Motivated
  • Proactive

These types of qualities in security guards also help them receive excellent evaluations from employers and are usually the first for promotions in the security industry.

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