Business Security Guard – When is One Necessary?

business security guard

When it comes to safeguarding your business, few methods are as effective as hiring a security guard. Modern businesses require advanced security measures to prevent theft, robbery and other unsavory situations. While you may think that your company is too small or unable to afford hiring a business security guard, take a few minutes and consider the following tips before making a decision.

Top Reasons to Consider Hiring a Business Security Guard

#1 – Business is in a High Crime Area

If your business rests within a designated high crime area, which is determined by the statistical information gathered by local and government resources, you may feel overwhelmed by the possibility of criminal activity. One of the most important steps to securing not only your business, but ensuring the safety of employees and customers, is hiring a security officer. Even hiring one or two security guards can minimize the risk of theft and other criminal behavior.

#2 – Parking Lot Incidents

Has your business been tarnished by criminal activity in your parking lot? While you may feel that this doesn’t directly impact your business, you better think again. Dangerous parking lots are among the main reasons why customers avoid an otherwise desirable business. Of course, this doesn’t include the increased risk of property damage and harm to your employees. Prevent unsavory instances from occurring by hiring a business security guard company to patrol and monitor the parking lot area. This not only safeguards your business, but demonstrates your dedication to providing a safe and welcoming environment for staff and customers.

#3 – Theft by Customers or Employees

Have you encountered an increasing number of shoplifters? Are you concerned employees are stealing? Theft is a part of life for almost every business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t thwart some, if not all, incidents. Security guards and professional surveillance solutions are paramount when it comes to preventing internal theft and shoplifting. While this may not be a major concern for office-based businesses, almost every retail store could use the security oversight provided by a professional security guard company.

#4 – Progressive Issues on Property

One of the most important job functions of a security guard company is to create and maintain daily records of your entire property. Known as Objective Records, this data comes from business security guards observing potential safety hazards or active incidents. As a security guard makes his rounds, he takes note of property damage, potential security weaknesses and other essential information. You can use this rolling record of your property to isolate specific problem areas and efficiently make corrections/improvements. As a business owner, this is important as it’s possible to be held liable should an incident occur and your business is found at fault by failing to provide adequate safety measures for staff and employees.

#5 – High Customer Volume

Unfortunately, in this day of age, an increase in customer traffic volume translates into an increased risk of criminal activity. From violent attacks to petty theft, the more people that either come in or around your business, the higher the likelihood of an incident. Security guards help offset this by not only thwarting attacks and thieves by simply being visible, but being able to actively respond should an incident occur.

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