Best Armed Tactical Security Jobs of 2020

armed tactical security

Many people think of security guards as lazy and under-trained. But armed tactical security can be both an exciting and a rewarding career. There are many paths you can take in the security field. To help guide you through that process, here is a summary of the best armed tactical security jobs of 2020.

Security Specialist

A security specialist is akin to a police officer in terms of skill level. Security specialists often work in teams and have intimate knowledge of tactics and strategy. The job of a security specialist is to spot security flaws and fix them before they become a problem. This is one of the highest paid security jobs available and, accordingly, requires a high level of experience. Security specialists can make anywhere from $35,000 to over $80,000.

Personal Bodyguard

Many wealthy people and public figures feel the need to hire personal bodyguards to protect them on a daily basis, particularly in the current atmosphere of heightened violence. Bodyguards must be highly trained, as they will sometimes find themselves in dangerous situations, but they are also well-paid for their risks. The median salary for a bodyguard is $63,000.

Private Investigator

Also requiring a lot of experience, private investigators are often former or retired police officers. Cases may progress over a long timeline, so private investigators have the advantage of being paid by a single client for an extended period. Private investigators make about $50,000 per year.

Surveillance Officer

Unlike basic security guards, surveillance officers are employed to watch people and things, looking for suspicious activity. Surveillance officers often utilize high-tech equipment to monitor their surroundings. Because of the knowledge necessary to be familiar with this technology, surveillance officers are paid a little bit more than security guards. Surveillance officers are paid about $14 per hour.

Armed Carrier

Armed carriers are responsible for safely transporting money and valuables. Clients include banks, businesses, and private companies that want their valuable merchandise protected during transportation. Since this job also brings a higher level of danger, armed carriers are paid well. The median salary for an armed carrier is $50,000.

Security Guard

Security guards are usually paid not much more than minimum wage, but they also don’t have to have much experience. Security guards can be responsible for anything from fire watch to patrols. If you are interested in armed security work but have little to no experience, this is a great place to start. Armed security guards are paid about $13.25 per hour.

When it comes to the security field, the options are limitless. You just have to find the job that fits your interests and level of experience. Good luck on finding your armed tactical security job of 2020!

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