Benefits of Becoming a Night Shift Security Guard

Night Security Guard

According to BLS, the average salary of a security guard in 2018 in the US was approximately $28,000. However, working as a night-shift security guard may provide opportunities to generate additional income, depending on your chosen or designated shift. Working as a night-shift security guard is not only a viable career option for long-term stability, but there are also added benefits that are difficult to find in most traditional workplace roles.

Salary and Earnings Potential

The average earning of a security guard is $28,000 a year, or roughly $13.72 an hour. However, a night-shift security guard is likely to earn more due to the time they are working as well as overtime opportunities that may be available. Depending on your experience as a security guard and the location in which you are working, night-shift security guards may also earn upwards of $14-17 an hour.

Long-Term Career

If you are searching for a career path that is viable for the future, consider working as a security guard. Most businesses, mega-corporations, and major events today hire security staff or work with security guards daily. Security guards are necessary for most industries, which is why its outlook is secure, even decades into the future.

No Extensive Education Required

A major perk of working as a night-shift security guard is the ability to do so even if you are inexperienced in the field or even if you do not have formal education. Security guard positions are often considered entry-level positions, allowing individuals from all walks of life a career opportunity.

Another benefit of working as a night-shift security guard is that the training for the job is often not extensive or thorough. In most cases, night-shift security guards are trained by their employer, lasting anywhere from 6-10 hours in total. Compared to many positions that may require weeks or even months to learn, a night-shift security guard can become employed and begin working in as little as one week.

For those looking to advance their education and careers, however, there are recommended schools and training programs that provide associates and bachelors degrees in criminal justice. While enrolled in one of these programs taking a job as a night shift security guard can help to pay the bills, build your resume, and gain valuable experience in the security services field.

Atmosphere Flexibility

Do you love sitting alone at a desk for hours on end, or do you prefer staying active and on your feet while working? Working as a night-shift security guard provides you with flexibility when it comes to how you spend your time. Most night-shift security guards are required to complete tasks each hour, allowing you the opportunity to delegate tasks and manage your time as you see fit. For individuals who prefer to remain active, walking around and completing checks whenever you are working is possible throughout your entire shift. However, if you prefer to remain seated and relaxed, it is also possible to do so once you have completed your necessary tasks and assignments.

Alone Time

One of the biggest attractions of a night-shift security guard position is the ability to work alone in most scenarios. Night-shift security guards typically remain in one place throughout their entire shifts, making rounds to secure the surrounding property as necessary. If you are an introvert or if you simply enjoy peace and quiet, working as a night-shift security guard may be the right role for you. Before accepting a new position, be sure to inquire about the atmosphere and work environment you will be in throughout your shift to find a place that is most fitting for you.

It Can Be Thrilling

Depending on where you choose to work, it can be extremely thrilling to work as an overnight night-shift security guard. Night-shift security guards who are positioned in high-security prisons, mental facilities, or top-secret locations may find their job anything but boring. If you are interested in an exciting career opportunity or if you simply enjoy new challenges each day, working as a night-shift security guard in a location that is appealing to you may be a suitable fit.

Prepare for Your Future

Choosing to work as a night-shift security guard does not have to remain your career choice for the rest of your life. On the contrary, working as a night-shift security guard can help with gaining experience and learning on-the-job. The more experience you have as a security guard or as a night-shift security guard, the easier it will become to land higher-paying top-secret security clearance positions. When you are experienced as a security guard, you will also have more opportunity to negotiate your salary and the shifts you take on to work. Security job positions are ultimately great stepping stones for anyone who has a vested interest in working in security or in government-centric careers.

While working as a night-shift security guard is not a job for everyone, it can be extremely rewarding for those who treasure alone time and prefer working in solitude. Night-shift security guards often do not require extensive certification or formal training, making the position optimal for individuals who have not or cannot continue on with higher education. With the right position as a night-shift security guard, find peace of mind while on the job and earning a decent living wage.

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