Do You Have the Brass to Become a Marine Security Guard?

Marine Security Guards

A marine security guard (MSG) also referred to, as the Marine Embassy Guard is a member of Marine Corps Embassy Security Groups (MCESG) that changed from its previous name Marine Security Guard Battalion (MSGB). The primary role of the MSG is to protect the US citizens, property and prevent the compromise of the US government classified information under a wide range of circumstances, which include facing hostile assaults.

The marine security guards respond immediately to any crisis regardless of its magnitude, which includes bomb threats, fires, demonstrations and intrusion attempts. In this case, the MSG is there to provide a solid line of deference for American embassy around the world. They are deployed for 3 years and have an opportunity to serve in more than 177 locations around the world.

The MSGs are usually stationed at the entrance of the embassy to as a representative of the face of America to the members of the host country. These MSG are looked up as a symbol of courage, integrity, commitment, and loyalty. In today’s environment, the MSG role is increasingly becoming important. The world is witnessing more often the determination of terrorists who do not hesitate to harm innocent citizens and the diplomatist.

What does marine security guard offer?

The marine guard security guard program gives any marine a chance for self and professional development while working at different diplomatic missions across the globe. MSG is today recognized as a well-trained, professional and disciplined guard force that is suitable for providing security at the U.S consulates and embassies. They work for 24/7 to protect the US citizens and other government properties in all hostile situations. The MSG is trained to deter aggressions, safeguard, and control access to any U.S missions.

For those aspiring to be enrolled in the MSG program, you should know that it offers a great opportunity to experience new cultures, make new friends, learn new languages and travel widely around the world. This makes MSG an exciting career because of the adventures and interactions that one has will other people from different parts of the world. It provides an opportunity to acquire a wealth of knowledge regarding various local attitudes and customs.

What does it take to become a Marine Corps security guard?

With great opportunities come great responsibilities and requirements. To become a marine corps security guard is not a walk in the park. Not many have been able to earn the marine title, and even fewer have had a chance to be posted as a marine security guard in the more than 150 countries around the world.

Applying to join MSG school is different from other billets because the applicant has to get a top-secret clearance. The marines have varied reasons to be part of the MSG. Apart from the adventures; many military recruits want to join marines because they want to challenge themselves by overcoming the meeting and overcoming the various challenges both mental and physical to earn the title “Marine.” It is apparent that there is no any other billet, which can achieve the important role that marine security guard play in their duty.

The marines are required to complete both phase III and IV of their MSG application to prepare for school. They must start with phase III 90 days before getting to school and phase IV 60 days to update it before checking in. Throughout training, all MSGs acquire skills that include techniques, tactics, and procedures to prepare and respond to both human and natural disasters. They also get a complete specialized training on how to use different types of firearms, defensive techniques, tactics and physical security equipment, fire response, IED detection, emergency first aid and how to destroy controlled material. The training is toughest and pushes them beyond the breaking point.

MSG Eligibility requirements

  1. The applicants must be in the rank E-2 to E-8
  2. Must be a United States citizen
  3. Must obtain top secret security clearance
  4. Must have no tattoo visible
  5. Must meet the Marine Corps fitness and weight standards

The Marines in the rank of E-5 and below must have no dependents hence should be single. However, Marines in the ranks of E-6 and above may have not more than four dependents, which include the spouses. The marine E-5 and below are regarded as watch standers and serves 3 separate years in hardship areas.

Other than training, there is always a thorough background check and scrutiny for integrity, which is the most important part of MSG. Therefore, with a clean sheet, it is possible for anyone willing to meet the challenge and exceed breaking point to join the marine security guard. After all, those who manage are humans. The best thing is to use information and prepare in advance in areas that you can improve and avoid things that can make you barred from the service such as tattoos and criminal records among other.

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