America’s Top 10 Security Guard Companies

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Becoming a security guard can be a challenging but rewarding career. The accomplishment of earning a degree, completing your training and of embarking down this particular career path of public service speaks volumes about your character. You’ve made a decision to put the safety of others first, and you’re dedicated to ensuring the integrity of that decision won’t become compromised. But where do you start? How do you know which security guard company you should work for? You have unique traits and talents, and a work-ethic second to none; you don’t want them to go wasted. Don’t worry; Security Guard Training Central has you covered.

Below are America’s top 10 best security guard companies catered for both armed guards and unarmed security positions. Let’s jump right into it:

10. Epic Security CorpEpic Security Corp

When You Demand More From Your Security Services:

Epic Security offers classroom training coupled with on the job training. Their only location is in the heart of New York, but analysis state the compensation is a staggering 13% below average. The pay cut could be well worth working in one of the most beautiful cities America has to offer.

Clearance: Not Required
Salary Range: 21k – 23k
Location: New York

9. Spear Security Spear Security

Peace of Mind:

Spear Security is willing to train you, however, you must already hold your guard card. They’re still expanding, but only operate on the West coast. If the LA lifestyle is suitable for you Spear Security could be right for you. You’re going to want to ensure you keep up to date with local licensing requirements.

Clearance: Not Required
Salary Range: 31k – 40k
Location: Los Angeles, California

8. American Hawk Security American Hawk Security

Ultimate Protection:

If guarding medical marijuana with the looming reminder that your employer conducts a random urinalysis at any given time sounds perfect, then you’ll definitely want to consider American Hawk Security. Guarding medicine isn’t their only speciality. They also specialize in event security, bodyguard services, and more. They’re currently only located in Colorado, but they’ve mentioned the desire to expand.

Clearance: Not Required
Salary Range: 38k – 41k
Location: Colorado

7. National Security and Protection Services National Security Protective Services

Your Protection Is Our Priority:

National Security and Protection Services are seeking experienced law enforcement or military personnel with a high school diploma along with twelve college hours. Up to date licenses are mandatory. Unfortunately they’re a local company based in Texas. For our southern future security guards, this could be a perfect fit.

Clearance: Not Required
Salary Range: 24k – 26k
Location: Ft. Worth, TX

6. Brinks, Inc. Brinks

Beyond Ordinary:

Ordinarily, you’ll be armed, and you will need a permit and any other required local licensing requirements. Before applying, be sure to have a minimum of one year of experience as an armed guard, military experience, or protective services experience.

Clearance: Not Required
Salary Range: 36k – 41k
Location: National

5. Guardsmark* Guardsmark

When FBI agents leave Quantico, they go to Guardsmark:

Proudly boasting the fact that they’ve employed a record breaking number of former FBI agents, Guardsmark is ideal for the agent in all of us. If your looking to potentially become an undercover agent or protect top executives. Inquiring with Guardsmark would be wise. Be advised, they claim to be the most selective security company in America, and don’t be surprised if you’re required to submit to a polygraph test.

Salary Range: 22k – 40k
Location: National

*Now part of Universal Protection Service / Allied Universal (see #3 below)

4. G4S Group 4 Securicor

Join the Team:

G4S officers are constantly met with high regard because they all are carefully screened and trained according to their talents and qualifications. Both armed and unarmed positions are available with proper local municipal licensing requirements. Acceptance is stringent. They’re typically are in search for individuals who have an established background in the military, police, or an associate’s degree or higher in Discipline Service. That shouldn’t deter you, as long as you have at least a year of verifiable and successful security experience, employment with G4S is possible. Be prepared for heavy training material.

Clearance: Not Required
Salary Range: 25k – 30k
Location: National

3. Allied Universal Allied Universal

There For You:

With little to no security experience, you can become part of the Allied Universal family. Just like with all Security Guard companies, it’s mandatory to keep up with local municipal licensing requirements. Allied Universal also boasts a national footprint with locations in nearly every major city, along with Puerto Rico, Canada, and the Virgin Islands.

Clearance: Not Required
Salary Range: 24k – 28k
Location: National

2. Securitas USA Securitas

The Leader in Protective Services:

Securitas is massive. They have branch locations in over 200 cities nationwide. Being the most locally-focused security company in America, it wouldn’t be surprising if they didn’t have a branch in your city. Not having to relocate is a plus. Their extensive online and continued developmental coaching make this company perfect for those just starting out. Just meet and continue to meet your local municipal licensing requirements and you shouldn’t have a problem calling Securitas home.

Clearance: Not Required
Salary Range: 24k – 28k
Location: National


Go boldly:

What’s cooler than space? Seriously. If you’re looking for a security guard job, one of the most interesting and prestigious positions you can hold is with NASA, where security officers safeguard rocket facilities, space centers, laboratories, data centers, personnel, and the planet’s base of extraterrestrial operations.

With a current race to Mars underway between Russia, China, Elon Musk’s SpaceX, and NASA, we’re headed into an era of rejuvenated interest in our space program, increased federal budgets, and stronger job security. Needless to say, the prerequisites for employment as a security officer at NASA are extensive, but well worth it for the right candidate.

Clearance: Top Secret/SCI
Salary Range: 148k – 254k
Location: Washington, D.C.

If you believe you fit the qualifications and can improve NASA’s security force, then visit to learn more about joining the Agency’s Protective Services division.

This is a condensed list of the many Security Guard Companies that are located in the United States. The aim of this article is to bring to light the many opportunities your field of interest offers. Security Guard Training Central applauds you in taking steps towards a safer and more secure America and wish you the very best in your endeavors.

Looking for a local security job near you? Head on over to our security guard jobs section. Your security career awaits!

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