Utilizing In-House vs. Outsourced Security Guard Services

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When a company decides it’s time to employ security guards, they have a decision to make: hire in-house security guards or seek outsourced security guard services. In this article we take a look at both types of services to help your company make the best decision possible.

Reasons to Employ In-House Security Guard Services

outsourced security guardA company hiring its own security guards creates a relationship between the company and the person(s) being hired which can create a sense of loyalty with the guards. It can also create a sense of loyalty among the other employees by seeing the same security guards as part of the “team.” This could also back-fire if a security guard becomes loyal to certain employees rather to the company, and overlooks and wrong-doing done by said employees. In addition, if a company hires a “bad” security officer, the company is not able to terminate at its will without risking a security breach.

On a more positive note, having the same security guard show up each day will most likely prove to have the best reliability as an outsourced security guard company may provide different guards each day, which can alter the consistency of the security.

Reasons to Use Outsourced Security Guard Services

Depending on the type and size of the company, outsourcing security services provide efficiency and financial benefits by reducing the administrative overhead to recruit, hire, and train personnel. Successful security guards are certified or licensed, which costs money to ensure or provide. Outsourced security guards are hired and managed through a separate company, to which the guards report and to whom the guards will be liable. Under the same lines, the company hiring security will have a fixed price for the service, and will not have to account for another salary or benefits, or cost of security equipment, ultimately saving the company money.

Outsourced security guards services provides guards that are already trained and understand the facets of a position in security. They can be hired and utilized the same day. Contracting a security service will provide flexibility in scheduling as the security company will have access to several security guards. A company will not have to worry about what happens if the scheduled security guard is sick or takes a vacation. In addition, if the company provides a “bad” security officer, the officer can be replaced without a breach in security.

Moreover, outsourcing security guard services will spread liability. The company hiring the service will not be held liable, or solely liable for a breach in security. The security guard working reports to the client, as well as his or her own company. They are accountable as they are the product of a company whose sole focus is security, and will experts at their job.

Source: https://www.securitymagazine.com

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