Montana Law Enforcement | Police Officer Training

The state of Montana keeps a database with names of individuals who meet the minimum state requirements and are wanting to become police officers. To get on this list with the Montana Law Enforcement Testing Consortium (MTLETC) a person needs to take Montana physical abilities test and the written test and pass them both. If you end up on the list you may be contacted for an interview. After passing the interview an applicant would have to undergo a background check. This background check looks extensively into your work history as well as your personal history. If the police department is still interested in a candidate after the background investigation, the candidate will then have a psychological and medical evaluation. After passing those the department can choose if the applicant will be sent to a police training academy. Those who pass the academy will be field trained before becoming a police officer.

Montana Law Enforcement Job Requirements

The minimum requirements for police officers in Montana are slightly different than most other state’s requirements. Montana only expects applicants to be a minimum of 18 years old. Applicants do need to have completed high school or their GED certificate. Applicants need to be legal US citizens, with no felony convictions and can’t have spent any time in federal or state prison for any reason. If a person meets these requirements they can attempt to pass the MPAT (Montana physical ability test) and the written test so they may end up on the Montana Law Enforcement Testing Consortium (MTLETC) list to be interviewed by a department for a specific position. The cost of the test is to be paid for by the tester. It is approximately 35 dollars to test in Montana.

Montana Law Enforcement Salaries

The average salary of Montana police officers is 45,900 a year. This is about the same as the national average. Those who work in cities make more than those working in rural Montana. Those with higher rank and higher education also make more than those without. Years of experience can also equal a higher pay grade. Detectives and criminal investigators in Montana make an average salary of 61,000 a year. Supervisors make an average of around 64,000 a year. For those looking to reach a higher pay for having more education the following section may give some ideas of schools and programs available in Montana.

Schools with Law Enforcement Training Programs in MT

Despite the fact that Montana does not have a college requirement for applicants as some other states do, it may be wise for some individuals to pursue a degree prior to applying to a police department. For those wanting to make a career of being a police officer getting a college degree is a good way to get a leg up in the industry. Those with degrees may be sought first for promotions and other such job perks. Also, having a degree often puts people in a higher pay bracket than those without. Some officers even pursue a degree while working as a patrol officer. The following list includes possible schools and law enforcement related programs in the state of Montana.

  • Dawson Community College

300 College Drive, Glendive, MT 59330


  • Flathead Valley Community College

777 Grandview Drive, Kalispell, MT 59901


  • Miles Community College

2715 Dickinson Street, Miles City, MT 59301


  • The University of Montana

32 Campus Drive, Missoula, MT 59812


  • University of Great Falls

1301 Twentieth Street S, Great Falls, MT 59405