Education Requirements for Police Officers in Idaho

You can apply to be an Idaho police officer as long as you know that you fulfill any applicable minimum requirements. The application includes a short test and also a written personal history statement. This statement is about your life and your character. Be sure to be honest at all times during your application process. If you send in an application and the department accepts it, you will then get an interview. This first interview is to determine if you possess the qualifications of a good police officer. If you are seen as fit to move forward in the process following the interview then you will be required to pass the physical fitness test. If you pass the physical fitness test you will be given a polygraph test and background check. Next is the psychological test, drug screen, and medical exam. If all of the above tests are passed and the department determines that you are a plausible candidate, then you will be enrolled in a police academy for training. The state of Idaho required 10 weeks of academy training followed by 14 weeks of field training. After all of these requirements have been met a person can become a full-fledged officer of the law.

Idaho Requirements for Becoming a Police Officer

Many of Idaho’s requirements for candidates are similar to other states, such as the requirement to be at least 21 before applying to become a police officer. They also must be residing legally as a citizen and have a current driver’s license. Some of Idaho’s requirements are different than other states. Idaho, for instance, requires that candidates have at least 64 credit hours at a university. They require candidates to have a minimum of 20-200 vision (uncorrected). Candidates must be able to legally own a firearm. Candidates must also be of high moral character and be in very good physical condition. Boise Idaho’s physical ability test includes the following requirements:

  • A minimum 14-inch vertical jump
  • 15 sit-ups in one minute
  • 21 push-ups in one minute
  • Run 300 meters in 77 seconds
  • Run 1.5 miles in 17 minutes and 17 seconds

As you can see by the list above, Idaho takes the physical fitness of their police officers very seriously. It is important that candidates be adequately prepared to perform up to the standard of this physical fitness test or they will not be considered as a candidate.

Average Law Enforcement Salaries in Idaho

In comparison to the national average, Idaho’s police officer average salary falls on the lower end of the spectrum. At 43,520 a year on average, police officers in Idaho make slightly higher than the low end of the spectrum for the US average. As far as detectives and criminal investigators in Idaho, the average salary is 56,200. There is definitely the ability to move up in rank and pay after years of experience and becoming eligible for promotion.

Schooling Options with Criminal Justice Degrees

As stated above, one of the requirements for becoming a police officer in Idaho is that you must have a minimum of 64 hours of University credits prior to being able to apply. It may be wisest to take those credit hours in a related field to law enforcement. Many candidates have either associates or bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice or Criminal Law. This is a great way to both meet the requirement and equip yourself for your coming profession. Here are some schools that have criminal justice programs available:

  • Boise State University

1910 University Drive, Boise, ID 83725


  • Carrington College

1122 N Liberty Street, Boise, ID 83704


  • Eastern Idaho Technical College

1600 South 25gh E, Idaho Falls, ID 83404


  • Idaho State University

921 South 8th Avenue, Pocatello, ID 83209


  • ITT Technical Institute

12302 W Explorer Drive, Boise, ID 83713


  • Lewis-Clark State College

500 8th Avenue, Lewiston, ID 83501


  • North Idaho College

1000 West Garden Avenue, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814


  • University of Phoenix

1422 S Tech Way, Meridian, ID 83642